7 January 2016


So very sorry I got stuck - or stopped - on the 7th Day of Christmas! That wasn't the plan! All I can say is that a 'virus' struck and laid me low for several days. I shall try to 'catch up'. This won't include all the plans I had to celebrate the 12 days, but it will show what others could choose to do.
The Eighth Day of Christmas was a Saturday. Families and friends from all the neighborhoods of Palma as well as towns and villages throughout the island enjoy coming to the 'big city'. One thing they do is just 'stroll around' enjoying the beautiful lights and stopping for churros and hot chocolate.

 A stop to see the intricate and detailed 'Belenes' = 'Manger Scenes' throughout the city is a must also. They aren't just 'manger scenes', they depict the whole town and area of Bethlehem, complete with streets and houses, fields and streams, women cooking and washing, men at their shops. They are amazing works of art.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

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