8 January 2016


If you were to go downtown on Monday January 4th - the 10th day of Christmas, you would be part of the large crowds of people everywhere!!!! The Kings are coming! = The Day of the Kings (Wisemen), when the children receive their gifts. It's difficult to navigate down the streets. The stores are packed and it seemed to be that way all day, morning, afternoon and til closing at night! For me, it's not a day to go shopping!

But there are many other interesting things you can do - many things for families with young children. It seems at almost every plaza and pedestrian street you can find fun things for the kids = rides, trampolines, inflatable castles. I thought it was very kind of the owners to put chairs up along the sides for the parents to sit and watch their little ones. 

At the end of the park around the corner from where we live, an Ice Skating Rink has been set up inside a large white tent. Even though the Christmas temperatures were reaching 20C/68F, many young and some older were lining up for an hour's skating time. 
Vendors are everywhere - balloon figures with all the children's popular characters, stands offering cotton candy, candy apples, roasted chestnuts, even waffles and doughnuts.

Across the avenue and in along other boulevards of the city "Christmas Markets" have been set up. So many interesting items - scarves, hats, bags, jewellery, Mallorcan breads and cakes, toys, cheeses and sausages....... plus all the figures you'd every want to create your own 'Manger Scene'. 

The festivites continue! The city is alive!

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